“One of the most visionary artists to arise from the pre-digital, shot on video underground, director Charles Pinion’s awe-inspiring features fearlessly blurred the lines between punk rock, Cinema of Transgression, avant-garde surrealism, pornography, and backyard splatter films.

“Saturn's Core Audio & Video in conjunction with our friends at Vinegar Syndrome and OCN Distribution are proud to present a double feature of Red Spirit Lake & We Await; two of Charles Pinion’s most daring works with newly reconstructed, director approved restorations from the original analog master tapes.

“With all-new interviews and commentary moderated by Mike Hunchback of Seminal Psychosis, a 28 page booklet designed by Matt D. of Horror Boobs, assorted audio wizardry by Mike DiPisa, and rare outtakes from the now OOP Video Pharmacy releases, it’s our most comprehensive and collaborative release to date. Click the link below to secure your copy now!”